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12' Skiff  

The 12ft skiff is a high performance development class that is sailed in Australia, New Zealand the UK. In various guises the class has been racing competitively in New Zealand and Australia since the late 1800’s, with the core of the New Zealand fleet racing out of the Auckland Sailing Club. The current breed of 12 foot skiffs is a distinctly Australian/New Zealand concept of putting huge amounts of sail area on a short lightweight dinghy hull and hanging on for a breath taking ride.

General Specifications :

  • Reaching speeds of up to 25 knots
  • Mast height 8.8 meters
  • Overall length 3.7 meters
  • Beam 1.8 meters
  • Crewed by two people, both on trapeze
  • Light weight 45 kilogram hull
  • Two or three masts with four different sail configurations
  • Each skiff is individual, not an off the shelf product
  • Simple measurement rules allow design development
  • Rig and sail size and design is unrestricted

These minimal restrictions give freedom for people to design, build and develop their own ideas.

Each year the 12 foot Skiff Interdominion Contest is the premier event. Boats from New Zealand and Australia meet to compete for the Silasec trophy (overall Interdominion winner).

The Interdominion contest is sailed alternate years in New Zealand and Australia. The top 12 boats from each country race as a team competing for the Don Brooke Teams Trophy. Campaigning a 12 requires a range of skills, including boat handling, tuning and boat maintenance. However, with recent equipment developments, and the introduction of carbon masts, 12’s are very manageable boats and any sailor with relative experience, would quite easily adapt.

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twelve foot skiff
18' Skiff  

The birth of 18ft Skiff Racing as we know it today occurred on Sydney Harbour on 26 January 1892. The father was Mark Foy. Foy was an Australian businessman who loved sailing. After a long absence on Aucklands Waitemata harbour there has been a resurgence in the class with a few boats traveling back to Australia to compete in the JJGiltinan World champs on Sydney harbour. This regatta happens once a year in Australia attracting some of the top sailors. The class has evolved and developed into one of the most spectacular classes in the world. With the hard fast and competitive racing it attracts sailors from around the world including Australia, England, Italy, Sweden, USA, and New Zealand. The New Zealand boats sail on aucklands waitemata horbour from the Auckland Sailing Club every Sunday over the summer season.

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eighteen foot skiff

The Javelin is a high performance, single trapeze, 14ft two handed skiff raced competitively throughout New Zealand and Australia, with fleets starting in the United States.

Its lightweight 70kg hull, and powerful, efficient sail plan allow it to exceed speeds of 25 knots and provide an exhilarating "ride" and exciting fleet racing. The Javelin is a restricted development class which offers close exciting racing at a very affordable price.

The Javelin is a light-weight boat, and carries a large sail area for its size. This combination makes the Javelin a very exciting boat to race and sail.

The Javelin was designed in New Zealand by John Spencer in 1961.

Its popularity has seen it become a National Class with fleets throughout New Zealand and Australia. National, Inter-Provincial, and South Pacific championships provide sailors with good close racing, and social events.

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